Washdown Equipment

Conveyor Spillage Control

Effectively dealing with conveyor spillage and material buildup can pose a significant challenge to mining operations. Spillage occurs when the materials being transported on a conveyor belt spill over the edges or become dislodged. As this material accumulates under the conveyor, this can lead to a range of operational issues, including:

Frequent cleaning and manual maintenance are required to remove the buildup, which results in higher labour costs and conveyor maintenance downtime.

At Innovative Mining Services, we have developed a washdown solution that can significantly reduce maintenance requirements and noticeably improve your mine site’s operational efficiency.

Our Washdown Equipment

Our mining washdown equipment is designed to mitigate conveyor spillage and material buildup issues by providing precise and automated cleaning solutions. By addressing hazards such as conveyor spillage, these systems promote uninterrupted mine site operations, enhanced safety, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Explore the features, benefits, and operational insights of our specialised mining washdown equipment, or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Higher productivity

Optimize throughput, reduce downtime, and streamline material handling for increased overall productivity at mine sites.

Cost Saving

By automating the cleaning process, our washdown equipment reduces the need for manual labour hours, lead-ing to significant cost savings over time.

Improved Safety

Washdown equipment minimises the exposure of personnel to potential hazards associated with cleaning around conveyors.

Positive Work Culture

By automating a traditionally labour-intensive task, these washdown systems contribute to improved employee well-being and a stronger focus on higher-value activities.

Reduced Downtime

Better spillage and material buildup control reduces the need for regular maintenance downtime, allowing mine sites to operate more efficiently.

Extended Equipment Lifetime

Effective under-conveyor cleaning reduces wear and tear on conveyor components, contributing to a longer equipment lifespan.

Conveyor Tracking & Alignment

Minimise spillage and optimise conveyor performance with our cutting-edge conveyor belt alignment and tracking technology.

Our conveyor products and solutions can provide you with the tools you need to significantly improve conveyor efficiency, maintenance, and safety.

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