About Us

Innovative Mining Solutions starts with a promise: to deliver the most innovative products for the Australian mining industry. We have access to some of the best talent and resources in the mining industry. We use our insight in the mining industry gained over the past 20 years in the mining industry to create innovative solutions designed specifically for the mining industry’s concerns. Our goal for our clients is to realise value and improve productivity on every site. Our business started with the Track Straight system and has evolved as our business has grown.



Track Straight Mechanical Conveyor Tracking System

This innovative tool allows operators to make incremental adjustments to a frame online, reducing the amount of live works.

Track Straight Automatic Conveyor Tracking System

Our unique tracking system can detect belt drift and make tracking adjustments to accommodate.

Automatic Wash Down System

The Automatic Wash Down System uses our innovative canon unit to clean conveyors with laser precision.

Custom design, consulting and engineering to suit your mine’s specific requirements