The Innovative Mining Services team pride themselves on being dedicated to thinking outside of the current ways of work. We think safety, efficiency and productivity, with a mindset of total risk elimination in fixed plant operations within the mining environment.

We are open to developing new solutions for existing problems, and it is this thinking that has allowed us to develop multiple patented ideas. In addition, we adapt new technologies to the mining environment – modernising the way things are done to eliminate risk. As part of Innovative Mining Services’ core business, we are able to provide an engineering-type control to any mining problem. 

Engineering and design service

Innovative Mining Services can provide engineering and design support for any mining issue. We are happy to mobilise to your site and observe your issue as well as discuss possible solutions.

If you require a fresh set of eyes to explore an engineering solution for a problem you are experiencing, please contact the Innovative Mining Services team. We can build and supply a solution for you, with the end goal to always build a safer and more productive mine site.

Custom design, consulting and engineering to suit your mine’s specific requirements