Track Straight Automatic Conveyor Tracking System

Innovative Mining Services’ Track Straight Automatic Conveyor Tracking System detects belt drift on conveyors and automatically adjusts to correct the issue. This is advantageous where tracking issues are caused by different or inconstant feed, being bias loaded to a conveyor, belt drift can be detected after a feed zone and tracking adjustments made before the feed zone. This results in:


Process control loop

Process variable, anything that adversely affects belt tracking

Belt position sensing

Control system compares belt position to desired set point

Tracking frame electrically actuated to re-align conveyor

Automatic Tracking Unit (ATU) Operation overview

Traditional tracking frames use servo/guide rollers to actuate the tracking frame meaning the servo/guide rollers are a mechanical means of detecting belt drift.

Our system uses electronic belt detection to sense belt drift and relay that information to a tracking frame via a control box. This allows us to put the belt drift detection in the best possible position on the conveyor and use this information to actuate a tracking frame placed in a position to make the greatest impact on the conveyor tracking. This is not currently possible via mechanical means.

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