Mechanical Wash Down System

The Mechanical Wash Down System greatly reduces the labor required to wash underneath assets in mining and associated environments. The cannon’s rotation is driven from the pressure of the water and the range of motion is set between 5-360 degrees by 2 mechanical pins.
A clamp style installation system means the cannons are easily installed, adjusted and changed out if required.

Power Supply & Control Unit

Machined one piece nozzle

The nozzle is machined from a billet of aluminum and is designed to rotate in its own space. This means that even when the nozzle is surrounded by material it is able to rotate and remove debris from around the cannon.

Solenoid or manual control

Because the mechanical cannon’s rotation is driven by the pressure of the water, the unit doesn’t require any electrical power to run. This means the units can be turned on and off by a ball valve – though we do recommend the units be controlled by a solenoid valve to ensure accurate wash down timings can be set and controlled remotely.


The Mechanical Wash Down System’s cannons are housed in a 316 stainless steel guard, protecting users from the rotation of the mechanical impeller that drives the cannons, as well as protecting the cannon from falling product and debris.

Benefits of integrated system

  • Operators can start/stop the system via communication with mine control.
    Timing can be changed by technicians remotely.
    On/off timing of the system can be interlocked with other plant infrastructure.

Cannon Unit

Wash Down Cannon

The cannons are powered by brushless 24VDC motors with built-in position feedback. The motors are housed in laser-welded 316 stainless steel IP67 rated enclosures. The position feedback allows the controller to set accurate oscillation limits and configure predetermined park positions. Various mounting and guarding options available.

Water Supply

The wash down cannons have 2” BSP inlets and 1” BSP outlet fitted with industrial wash down Fan/Jet nozzle. 24VDC solenoid valves control/isolate the water flow. Recommended operating pressures from 2-10 bar.


2 x m12 connectors control each cannon. These industrial fittings comply with IP67 standards and can be a maximum length of 25meters between the control unit and wash
down cannon.

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